Religious believers in North Korea are tortured in prison

canada goose store Majority Nations More Likely to Deny Religious Freedom canada goose store

buy canada goose jacket Churches are attacked on Christmas in India and Egypt. Religious believers in North Korea are tortured in prison camps. Hindus and Sikhs are harassed in Afghanistan. buy canada goose jacket

Canada Goose Jackets “Despite routine constitutional promises to the contrary, religious freedoms are denied around the globe and violent persecution is pervasive,” Brian canada goose outlet vancouver Grim of the Pew Research Center and Roger Finke of canada goose outlet store montreal Pennsylvania State University report in a new book. Canada Goose Jackets

“Religious persecution is not only more prevalent among Muslim majority countries, but it also generally occurs at more canada goose outlet jackets severe levels,” Grim and Finke write in The Price of Freedom Denied: Religious Persecution and Conflict in the Twenty First Century.

Canada Goose Outlet More restrictions, more violence Canada Goose Outlet

Canada Goose online Writing about Islam in today’s politically charged climate is difficult, Grim and Finke admit. Many commentators, they say, tend to be either overly canada goose outlet michigan critical or timidly uncritical. Canada Goose online

“We attempt to avoid either extreme by staying very close to our data,” say Grim and canada goose outlet uk sale Finke, who also is the director of the Association of Religion Data Archives. State Department religious freedom reports, is clear: “Religious persecution is more likely to occur in Muslim majority countries than in other countries.”

Among the researchers’ findings:

Seventy eight percent of Muslim majority countries, compared with 10 percent of canada goose jacket outlet uk Christian majority countries and 43 percent of other nations, canada goose uk had high levels of government restrictions on religion.

Violent religious persecution is present canada goose outlet 2015 in every country with a Muslim majority with a population of more canada goose outlet official than 2 million.

canada goose black friday sale Sixty two percent of Muslim majority canada goose outlet in canada countries had at least moderate levels of persecution, with more than 200 people persecuted. In comparison, 28 percent of Christian majority nations and 60 percent of other countries had similar levels of canada goose premium outlet abuse. canada goose black friday sale

canadian goose jacket At the canada goose outlet boston highest levels of persecution, 45 percent of Muslim majority countries more than four times the percentage of Christian majority countries were found to have more than a thousand people abused or displaced because of canada goose stockists uk religion. canadian goose jacket

canada goose coats on sale There are regional variations. In sub Saharan Africa, for example, only one of eight Muslim majority countries had a moderate or high level of religious persecution. canada goose coats on sale

cheap Canada Goose However, one need only consider the role religion played in the Sudanese civil war or what Grim and Finke refer to as the “religious cleansing” of neighborhoods in Iraq based on Shiite Sunni differences to understand the deadly toll religious persecution is exacting in Muslim majority nations. Explore religious freedom in individual countries. cheap Canada Goose

History plays a role in the debate over religious freedom in Muslim majority nations, most of which by the early 20th century were administered canada goose outlet by European nations.

buy canada goose jacket cheap In their relatively new experience in independence, many Muslim majority nations today see sharia (Islamic) law as a way to safeguard society from corruption, social ills and colonial influences. Even a nation such as Turkey, canada goose outlet online store which chose a secular form of government, is under increasing pressure from religious parties. buy canada goose jacket cheap

canada goose coats In their study, Grim and Finke found two thirds of movements seeking the adoption of religious law were in Muslim majority nations. Only 4 canada goose outlet price percent of such canada goose outlet location movements were in Christian majority nations. canada goose coats

canada goose clearance sale The issue moving forward, according to many observers, is how these nations will balance the right to religious freedom with competing political, cultural and religious movements. canada goose clearance sale

Most Muslim believers want religious principles and democratic values to coexist, John Esposito, a professor of international affairs at Georgetown University, said in a paper for the Association of Religion Data Archives. Esposito explored Gallup Poll data from 2001 2007, encompassing a survey sample including more canada goose kensington parka uk than 90 percent canada goose outlet store quebec of the world’s Muslims.

canada goose deals Significant majorities of Muslims in many countries said religious leaders should play no direct role in legislation, foreign policy or restricting freedom of the press. Citizens in countries in which Muslims are a majority said they want greater political freedoms and rule of law, Esposito said. canada goose deals

Canada Goose sale What Grim and Finke have done in their book is provide a compelling argument that religious freedom serves to reduce conflict, while restricting religious freedom is a path to religious persecution and violence. The more severe goose outlet canada the levels of religious canada goose outlet winnipeg address restriction, the greater the risk of violent persecution. Canada Goose sale

One irony for Muslim majority nations, many of whom defend legal restrictions under the premise of protecting the faith, is that the harshest religious persecution is often directed at other Muslims, such as the Ahmadiyya sect in Pakistan and Indonesia, Grim and Finke note. Their study also found governments in more than seven in 10 Muslim majority countries harass Muslims, while Muslims are harassed in only three of 10 Christian majority nations.

Canada Goose Parka The message for all nations: Each act of religious persecution whether canada goose outlet authentic it is pressuring Muslims not to build mosques in America, laws imposing the death penalty for religious conversion in Afghanistan or the 2007 Christmas Day attack on Christian churches in Orissa, India can have far reaching consequences. Canada Goose Parka

Each of these countries, and most others throughout the world, have made promises to protect religious freedom. The Price of Freedom Denied demonstrates how high a stake all of us canada goose outlet edmonton have in making sure those promises are kept.

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canada goose “After my death my nation will be divided into 70 sects, all will go canada goose outlet woodbury to hell but one.” This is what the prophet Mohammad foretold, and this is what happened as far as I know, but surely no one can tell which sect will go to heaven concerning the second part of the prophecy, although canada goose outlet canada each canada goose outlet black friday sale sect proclaims that they’re canada goose outlet michigan the ones. The two canada goose victoria parka outlet major sects in Islam are the Sunni canada goose outlet buffalo sect and the canada goose outlet uk sale Shiite sect. They are called Sunnis because they follow the Sunna of the Prophet Mohammad, which means his canada goose outlet sayings and doings. canada goose

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The nomadic ideal doesn’t position canada goose outlet

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“But, looking ahead to my seventies (which start all too soon)

what kind of jedi was yoda

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“Replying to another, he said: “It’s only the same as paying

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Rajdeep in a series of tweets doubled down on his criticism of

A nation looks to Arnab Goswami for an explanation

cheap Canada Goose Journalist Arnab Goswami is certainly not new to controversy. His relatively new media venture Republic TV has gotten into spats with Congress canada goose outlet orlando MP Shashi Tharoor over the yet unsolved death of his wife and with activist and former AAP member SP Udayakumar. Certainly one for taking on the establishment and ‘wag the finger’ attitude, it appears this time Arnab may have some explaining to do. cheap Canada Goose

The latest comes after a video surfaced canada goose outlet parka of Arnab recounting an incident during the 2002 Gujarat riots. In the short clip, he narrates how he along with a few others were stopped by a large group of canada goose jacket uk people in Ahmedabad and they started to break the windows of canada goose outlet legit the car and proceeded to ask the occupants their religion; adding the detail of this happening 50 meters from the Chief Minister’s house. He provides a pretty vivid first person account of him sitting in the front passenger seat and describing the shock on his driver’s face.

Canada Goose Jackets As various reports have stated, there were canada goose outlet store near me such stories and incidents that took in the chaos of a politically and canada goose outlet uk religiously charged span of time at that place. However, in what some would compare to canada goose outlet in vancouver instances canada goose discount uk of ‘fake encounters’ in the past, this one canada goose parka uk has canada goose outlet michigan a slightly different connotation. While canada goose outlet phone number the incident did in fact occur, Arnab Goswami was allegedly not even covering the riots at the time and hence would not have been present at the incident he narrates; where he places himself in the passenger seat of the car that was mobbed. Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose coats on sale Former NDTV colleague and current consulting editor of India Today TV Rajdeep Sardesai rebuked Arnab’s account of the incident stating he wasn’t covering the riots. canada goose coats on sale

Yes, incident which Arnab speaks of did happen. Rajdeep in a series of tweets doubled down on his criticism of Arnab’s version of events and even brought upon the topic of Arnab resigning if he is proven wrong.

Canada Goose online If someone chooses to defend the indefensible, leaves me with no choice but not to end this but expose the brazen lies till formal apology. A current NDTV journalist stated the same. Canada Goose online

Canada Goose Outlet given that I canada goose outlet mississauga was around in the newsroom in Delhi, I can confirm this too. Mr Goswami was full of bombast, but from safety of Delhi. Canada Goose Outlet

Regarding the previous two incidents involving Arnab; his legal battle canada goose outlet in montreal with Shashi Tharoor and his spat with SP Udayakumar, there wasn’t much blowback from the larger media world. This time, it seems its Arnab versus the establishment. Rahul Kanwal, Managing Editor of India Today and Aaj Tak stated he called people to get their views on the story but found that no one would defend Arnab.

canada goose deals Speaking to Outlook, Rahul says it’s imperative for canada goose outlet factory Arnab to apologize after blatantly lying on camera. canada goose deals

canada goose Personally called a bunch of people who I thought might be on Arnab’s side. But no wants to defend a liar. Dialled Arnab too for a reaction. canada goose

canada goose store In a column for the right canada goose outlet online uk leaning Swarajya, its Editorial Director R Jagannathan questions the ferociousness of the attacks against Arnab while canada goose outlet kokemuksia maintaining the necessity for an explanation from him on the incident canada goose store

buy canada goose jacket “Over the last few days, one media channel has racked up a video dating back to 2013 (now taken down), where Goswami is seen to goose outlet canada be claiming the experience of facing down communal mobs in 2002 Gujarat, experiences that were documented in a book written by his former boss, Rajdeep Sardesai. Unless Goswami had similar experiences of his own elsewhere, he clearly owes us an explanation on how this happened”. buy canada goose jacket

canadian goose jacket “Even while it is fair to criticise Goswami’s channel, Republic TV, as too aggressive, and even toxic at times, the Lutyens media mafia behaves in the same way, playing prosecutor, judge, jury and executioner to those whose views it disagrees with”. canadian goose jacket

canada goose black friday sale “The problem for Goswami is that, unlike other journos who may be wrong footed canada goose outlet black friday by such gaffes, he cannot just acknowledge canada goose outlet new york city a mistake and move on. canada goose black friday sale

canada goose coats The network Republic TV is certainly canada goose outlet nyc known for its ‘in your face’, guerilla style, bordering on tabloid journalism; an example being their canada goose outlet reporters hounding Shashi Tharoor after a press conference, but restraint isn’t certainly associated with the network in general and/or their star anchor in particular. canada goose coats

canada goose clearance sale Recently, a journalist with the network resigned after differences in the way they handled the murder of journalist Gauri Lankesh. In a sharply worded Facebook post, Sumana Reddy heavily criticized the way the murder was covered saying the “news organization was batting for a rogue government”. canada goose clearance sale

Canada Goose sale Twitter meanwhile had a field day with ArnabDidIt; joking of everything from him fighting in the struggle for freedom to claiming the word Republic was stolen by the Indian constitution from him. Arnab for his part has not yet responded to the deluge of backlash against him which is seemingly uncharacteristic. Canada Goose sale

canada goose clearance It remains to be seen if he will personally go after some of his former colleagues and the journalist establishment canada goose outlet store uk or admit his mistake and move on. The underlying question though now arises; what’s the credibility of journalists in general and Arnab in particular if they lie or bend the truth to fit a narrative? Is his reputation canada goose outlet houston intact with this latest incident canada goose clearance.